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Pioneer DJM 700 Mixer

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4 channel DJ Mixing Desk

  • Digital Output Terminal: Affords quality in connectivity by supporting 96 kHz/24-bit sampling rates; without degradation of sound quality.
  • Cross Fader Assign: Lets you easily assign channel inputs to the cross faders. The DJM-700 features ultra-precise channel faders, while an optional rotary kit is also available to suit mixing style.
  • 3-Band Equalizer: A super-sensitive three-band EQ system featuring rubberised knobs on each channel enables level control within a –26db to +6db range for fine-tuning high, mid and low bands.
  • Fader Curve Adjust: Enables you to modify the cross fader/channel fader curve.
  • Talk Over: Lowers volume automatically so a DJ/MC can talk over the track.
  • Peak Level Meter: Allows you to examine the peak input level for each channel.
  • Fader Start: This allows the DJM-700's cross fader or channel faders to control playback when connected up to a Pioneer CDJ player.