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Panasonic MX50 Vision Mixer

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The Panasonic Production Mixer WJ MX50 is designed for use in producing specially effected images by utilizing digital processing circuitries like the built in Frame Synchronizer In addition to the Mix Effect of the conventional Production Mixer, the WJ-MX50 includes such features as Chroma Key and Luminance Key functions Additionally this unit has various functions such as Digital Effect, Downstream Key Effect, Wipe Effect, Fade Control, Memory and much more Also VTR Editing Controller can be connected for AB roll editing purposes This operating manual is intended to explain the Generators many operational features With the WJ MX50 and your imagination there are many possible function combinations which are left to your creativity


Video Inputs:                                                                  Audio Inputs:

CH1: BNC/S-Video                                                          Twin XLR

CH2: BNC/S-Video                                                          Twin XLR

CH3: BNC/S-Video                                                          Twin Phono    

CH4: BNC/S-Video                                                          Twin Phono 


Video Outputs:                                                               Audio Outputs:

CH1: BNC/S-Video                                                          Twin XLR

CH2: BNC/S-Video                                                          Twin Phono