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ZeroWire Wireless DMX

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Zero Wire DMX is a compact wireless DMX solution, enabling wireless control of any DMX device (dimmer, LED fixture or moving head). The system operates via Wifi, on the international licence free Industrial Scientific & Medical Spectrum (ISM) within the 2.4GHz spectrum. ZeroWire is compatable with any other wireless DMX system that uses the WENDY protocol. This includes the Avolites eDMX Tube system, that is actually based on exactly the same daftdata hardware in a different box.

  • Transmits DMX over IEEE 802.11b Ethernet Standard
  • Ad-Hoc (Point to Point) mode
  • Infrastructure (Point to Multipoint) mode
  • Includes PC based configuration utility
  • Fully expandable using off the shelf Ethernet hardware
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Inbuilt DMX termination
  • Accepts Ethernet output directly from Zero 88 Leap Frog 48/96 and Frog 2 consoles, via a WAP