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Avolites Titan Masterclass Bristol

Want to learn about the latest additions to the arsenal of Titan features?

Avolites are hitting the road to bring the power of Titan to you. In our training sessions around the UK, we'll be helping you get the best out of Titan!

Dates for these sessions are as follows:

January 24th - Beginner's Masterclass

January 25th - Advanced Masterclass

The UK training road show features insights and suggestions from the Avolites team, so you will have access to the most up-to-date information to explore how you can drive your designs forward using Titan.

Learn about the latest version of Titan, including how it can optimise your creative visions and accelerate your work flow.

We'll be showing you what’s new in Titan including Key Frame Shapes, Pixel Mapper, Live Busking Techniques, Internal Visualiser, Undo History and much more!

Whether you're new to Avolites consoles and our Titan operating system or just want to find out all the latest features Titan has to offer, come and join us. Masterclasses are two days with one day starting on basic programming and the second day to more advanced programming.

For those who want to learn more about the Avolites media server AI, we will offer a basic overview at the end of each Masterclass.

All masterclasses are held from 10:00 to 17:00 unless stated.

The cost of one Masterclass day is £50+VAT per person and must be paid in advance.

With Masterclasses consisting of a Beginner’s and Advanced course, you can book on for both days with the total being £70+ VAT.

There is a 50% discount available on all courses for students holding a valid student card.

To book, please email your Name, Contact Number and company to training@avolites.com, including the masterclass you would like to attend.