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New price list

We have a new price list... After 3 years we have updated our 2006 price list with all the new equipment purchased over the years.

Download our latest August 2009 Price list here.


Connectors: Duraplug, Permaplug & CeeNorm

While continuously striving to provide great value to our customers, Enlightened has taken into stock several new ranges of connectors. Duraplug still have space of the shelves, but now so does Permplug, offering a very cost effective 15amp and 13amp connectors.


New Inflatable Domes

Made to our specific requirements, we have taken delivery of a new set of PVC domes for our Robe LightDomes. The new design is significantly stronger and more robust, as well as now being suitable to house the largest of our hirestock, Robe 1200's. Robe Lightdomes.


More AV Equipment

April has seen the size of our AV department increase. Not content with just purchasing more Nexo PS8 and LS400's, we have also added to hire several more Sanyo XP56 projectors and lenses for our XP and XF projector range.


Robe ColorWash & ColorSpots 1200's

Ever expanding our range and quantity of moving lights in hire, Enlightened have recently purchased several Robe ColorWash 1200 EAT's. They have gone straight into hire and compliment the Robe ColorSpot 1200 EAT's purchased just last month.


Pearl Expert & Robe ColorSpot 1200's

New to hire this month is an Avolites Pearl Expert. The latest top of the range offering of the regular pearl, this is a very powerfull desk. Complete with new Titan Software, with all the bells and whistles.


Wireless Comms

Enlightened have recently purchased for hire a full duplex wireless intercom system. With full integration into the standard Tecpro system, a flexible intercom system is now available.